An In-Depth Discussion with Carlos J. Ron, Chargé d'Affaires of the Venezuela Embassy in the U.S.

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The New York Times is reporting that in Venezuela, the opposition to the government of Nicolas Maduro has been weakened, and The Guardian is reporting that the opposition has indeed splintered. These reports come after two major victories at the polls for the Maduro government: first, the success in electing the newly formed Constituent Assembly, despite fierce opposition by the Trump administration and other Western nations; second, the success of region elections.

So, what is going on in Venezuela? Is Chavismo back on the rise? What about the country's economic crisis? What is the reality on the ground? What – if any – regional support does the Maduro government have?

Our guest is Carlos Ron, Charge d'Affaires of Venezuela in Washington, D.C.

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Photo: Reuters via BBC.