Progressive Civil Rights Lawyer Larry Krasner Elected As Philadelphia's New District Attorney

Written by stephanie case on . Posted in Front News

Tuesday's election results have boosted hope for progressives that the tide is turning away from Trumpism. Democrats took the governorships in Virginia and New Jersey, and several transgender candidates won seats: Danica Roem of Virginia has become the first openly transgender person elected to a state legislature. And in Minneapolis, two Black transgender representatives were elected to City Council. 

Among the wave of progressives getting elected today, we focus on the contentious District Attorney race in Philadelphia. Civil rights advocate and anti-death penalty proponent Larry Krasner overwhelming won his race as the new DA in the city. Krasner considers himself a movement lawyer who supports criminal justice reform, opposes Trumps moves against immigrants, and calls for an end to mass incarceration. He has garnered support among young people, communities of color and low-income women. Are we seeing an uptick of progressive DAs in other cities across the U.S.? Is this an example that sticking to ones progressive principles can mean victory? What role did progressive movements play in Krasners election, and how was a broader electorate so convinced that Krasner defeated his GOP opponent with a whopping 75 percent of the vote? 


Our guest is Kairol Rosenthal, who was a Neighborhood Engagement Coordinator with the Krasner campaign.

Photo: Matt Rourke | Associated Press.