Haitian Activist Pierre Labossiere Discusses the Impact of Ending Temporary Protected Status for Haitians

Written by stephanie case on . Posted in Front News

In a blow to Haitians in the U.S. and on the ground on the island, Donald Trump's administration has announced it is ending Temporary Protected Status for approximately 60,000 Haitians living in the United States, forcing them to return to Haiti.

Meanwhile, living conditions in Haiti are dire for the vast majority of residents. Hundreds of thousands are still living in tent cities and face precarious conditions following the 2010 earthwuake that killed 300,000 and displaced millions – a situation made even worse by a cholera epidemic brought to Haiti by U.N. troops. The situation has also been exacerbated by Hurricane Matthew, which hit in 2016, destroying much of the countryside including what was left of Haiti's agriculture.

Also troubling Haiti is the impact of the U.S.-backed electoral coup in the country's 2016 presidential election that installed Jovenel Moise, whose repression against the Haitian people is said to harken back to the days of the brutal Duvalier regime.

We get the latest on these issues and more from Pierre Labossiere of the Haiti Action Committee.

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Photo: Charles Trainor Jr. / Miami Herald.