47% vs 1%

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The fallout continues over the now infamous Mitt Romney ‘secret tape’ first leaked to Mother Jones Magazine.

Romney’s dismissal of nearly half of the United States population as lazy  moochers has been harshly rebuked by those across the political spectrum, including President Obama on a recent appearance on David Letterman.  

Though Romney is quick to criticize what he sees as the 47% of the country depending on government for help, he along with the rest of the rest of the 1% pay far less than most if any federal income tax. Romney seems to believe that those who are getting some government assistance are reprehensible (seniors on social security, vets, single mothers on welfare, students etc).  What does he think about those  who get corporate welfare while paying little to no federal income tax while stashing large amounts of money in off shore accounts, and restructuring companies by slashing countless jobs.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid took note of this discrepancy saying that, “... we learned that Mitt Romney only wants to be president of half of the United States.”  It is unclear whether or not Romney can rebound as his poll numbers slip.  On the other hand, given the right wing’s attempts to suppress votes, as well as the apathy of the left to President Obama, Romney may still have a chance of the presidency.